Thursday, December 2, 2010

First Snowfall!

For some reason, the first snowfall of the winter has always been a source of excitement for me.  Even my current, I-don't-like-talking-about-my-feelings, I-gag-when-I-hear-sappy-stuff me couldn't help feeling a surge of childish glee when I looked out my window and saw that it was snowing!!  Yes, although I've been going through a bit of an identity crisis lately, there are a few things that have stuck with me through it all:

1.  I love Him.  Especially in the Eucharist.  Continuing along this vein may lead to extremely sappy material, so I will now move on. ;)

2.  I am so frickin excited for Christmas!  I haven't felt this kind of anticipation for years.  It's not as simple as looking forward to the time off of school or the presents.  It's more an intense enjoyment of the very Christmasy things that I have the great pleasure of experiencing at this time every year.  Listening to Christmas carols, seeing lights and decor everywhere, making and eating Christmas cookies, being with my whole family all at once... all of it is such a delight...

3.  I love music and being a music major more than ever!  I feel that some wonderful and beautiful mystery is being revealed to me day by day as I struggle through my classes and homework.  So worth the time and effort, unlike other attempted branches of study...

So, imagine my excitement about tonight being the first of Heinz Chapel Choir's Christmas concerts!  Combining my two favorite things, Christmas and music... it looks to be a wonderful start to the holiday season. :D