Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ellen: Revisited

I have come to terms with the fact that I do look like Ellen DeGeneres. I'm a little bummed because that's not exactly the image I've been striving for, but whatever. I still see it as a compliment, considering that Ellen is famous and all. She must be somewhat good-looking.
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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


So, lately people have been telling me that I look like Ellen DeGeneres.
It all started with the workers at the grill in Cathedral Cafe. "Has anyone ever told you that you look like Ellen Degeneres?" he asked me. "Well, no, actually. But I can see how you would think that." "Hey, everyone look over here! Who does this girl remind you of?" "Hmmm let me see... Ellen! Ellen DeGeneres!" "Yeah!" At this point, noticing my slight discomfort with the situation, the guy who originally caused the scene turned to me and said "Don't worry, it's a compliment. Be sure to come back sometime!" I smiled as I hurridly grabbed my chicken quesadillas and scooted out of there. Yes, I was blushing. I always blush when I'm the center of attention. Can't help it!
I got down to the costume shop to eat my lunch and then get some work done, and what do you know, my boss also commented on my semblance to Ellen! She said that something about the way my hair was flipped up made me look like her.
So, I was ready to forget all this when today, as I was ordering at the grill (quesadillas again, vegetable this time), another worker, who clearly hadn't been there the day of the great hullabaloo about an Ellen lookalike, also noticed me as I waited for my dish to be served up. "This girl looks like Ellen DeGeneres!" "Yep, I know it." "She's a real cutiepie!" Although I must admit that a very ego-centric part of my mind was flattered by the conversation, I was nervous about a repeat of the previous semester's performance and hoped that my food would be ready soon. Luckily for me, not another word was said on the subject, and I was able to check out in peace.
But now I have to wonder: what gives?? Do I seriously look so remarkably much like Ellen that people feel the need to comment? I'm not dissing the cafe people - I know they meant absolutely no harm - but do I really look like her? I mean, I've never seen the show, but of course I know what she looks like. Maybe it's because I'm finally growing my hair out a bit, or maybe it's the way I wore my eye makeup on those two occasions. Whatever the reason, I'm not sure how I feel about this recent developement. Perhaps you, my dear readers, can shed some light on the topic. Do you think I look like Ellen? If so, why? What resemblance do you see?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Second Semester

So, sorry to the few of you who actually read this regularly that I haven't updated since school started! I have been a tad busy...
Second semester is going to be such a huge challenge for me! Because of my night classes, I am now able to work for most of the day, but this also means that I have way less free time, because the time I used to be in classes is now spent working and the time I used to have for myself is now spent going to classes! This means that there are only 2 weeknights that I have to myself, now, so I need to be super organized and focused to get stuff done.
In addition to decreased time, I also now have more schoolwork on my hands. The two night classes require a lot of work to be done during the rest of the week, and this semester's classes are more... shall we say... substantial than last semester's. My quantitative reasoning requirement is being filled by a Basic Applied Statistics class every Thursday night from 6 - 8:30 and my writing prerequisite, Intro to Journalism, is held every Wednesday night at the same time. These two require lots and lots of extra work to be done, with quizzes every week and homework/stories due most weeks as well.
After my first week of classes here, my schedule seemed impossible and I looked forward to the next 13 weeks with anxiety and dismay. It was only as I entered all the syllabus information from all my classes onto my one big calender, though, that I realized how demanding my schedule really was. I saw that things would have to change in order for me to succeed this semester; I couldn't breeze through life as I usually am able to do. In response to this troubling realization, I imposed a strict but manageable set of rules upon myself to address problems that I knew I would run into.

Problem: lack of energy during the day, trouble sleeping at night
Solution: Since my day doesn't start until 11:00am as far as classes and work go, I decided to wake up at 9 or so to work out. I listen to fun, upbeat, cheerful music as I do this, and it has truly helped to put me in the best of moods every morning. This has also solved the original problem of energy/sleep issues.

Problem: disorganization
Solution: I have set aside Saturdays as my "housekeeping" day, as my mother refers to it. Saturdays are always Chore Days in my parents' house, and it feels natural to continue the trend even now that I'm pretty much on my own. This day will be spent tidying up my little room, organizing my desk and bag for the upcoming week, and attending to other housekeeping tasks such as balancing the checkbook and grocery shopping. Of course it would be best if I could also make the effort during the week to keep things well organized, but knowing me, this is just not always possible, so Saturdays it is.

Problem: distraction/procrastination
Solution: TV watching is strictly forbidden during the week. This was my #1 distraction until recently. (online episodes of scrubs = <3!!!!) Now that I've disallowed it, though, my evenings are full of reading, for school and for pleasure. I've also taken up listening to Italian radio in the hopes that it will help me to learn the language. Once all the reading makes me feel a bit drowsy, I slip into my pajamas, complete any written work (usually a worksheet for Italian class) and snuggle under my deliciously soft blankets for a good night's sleep. Other things that used to distract me were disorganized drawers and such, but now that I've set a day aside for that, too, I no longer feel the need to deal with it when I should be studying.
This has perhaps been the biggest step for me, because now that my free time is being managed well, I'm not even tempted to go back to the time-wasting that I previously indulged in. I feel like I can do anything.

Problem: a dwindling faith life
Solution: I am now making an effort to get to Mass every day, and when my schedule won't allow it, to spend at least half an hour with Him in Eucharistic Adoration. I'm also going to try to get to Confession every week; we'll see how this goes. I am amazed at how close the Lord has pulled me to Himself after such a short while of making these efforts to be with Him. I would go on, but it would make this blog twice as long as it already is. Perhaps more on this later...
Basically, because of my closeness with Him, He is blessing every area of my life in ways that I never even dreamed imaginable. He has made all of these "solutions" visible to me, and given me the grace to carry them out. But yes, more later.

Well, it is definitely time to wrap it up; I've already gone on longer than I intended to. Fare thee well, dear readers!