Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sleepless Saga

So, last night I don't think I slept at all.  This was not a free choice; I was so tired when I got home at 8:30 last night that I was in bed by 9, thinking that if I went to bed early, I could wake up early and do my homework then.  But it was not to be.  I slept for maybe an hour before I awoke, uncomfortably hot and sweating.  My room used to be an attic, so the temperatures up here can get a little extreme.  I tossed and turned for a while, trying to fall back asleep in spite of the heat, but eventually I gave in and got up to throw open my windows the rest of the way.  This turned out to be a mistake, because apparently the 3-step trek across the room told my body that it was time to be awake, and try as I might, I could not convince it that it was, in fact, bedtime and that I was tired.  By now it was 11:30.
So, I got up and turned on a small light so that I could at least entertain myself with some books.  I read the last hundred pages or so of The Golden Compass, which was very interesting, but I still was not even remotely tired.  I thought, "Maybe I can get my homework done now, since I obviously won't be sleeping anytime soon."  I turned on my computer, etc., only to find that our internet had timed out.  I would have to reset the router, which is in my housemate's room, and I really did not want to creep in there while she was sleeping. Instead, I went downstairs, pulled out some ice cream, made some tea, and read the next hundred or so pages from How to Avoid Falling in Love with a Jerk.  (very informative, by the way.  I highly recommend.)  All this reading, eating, and tea-making took me right up to about 5am, at which point I headed back upstairs with a mug of tea to sit in my windowsill with my feet on the roof, my special spot where I sometimes watch the sunset.  Whilst staring up at the moon and the one bright star I could see through the light pollution of our neighborhood, I found myself actually feeling a chill from the night air breezing around our roof, and that chill made me a little bit sleepy, in addition to the delicious tea I was sipping (about my 4th mug that night).  So, around 6am I finally found my way back to my little bed and succeeded, at last, at falling asleep.
My alarm went off at 7.  "Hell no," I thought, and turned it off.  Then I rolled over and went back to sleep until 10:30, thus making it impossible for me to go to my 10am or 11am classes or do any of my homework.  I did get up and get ready to catch the 12:34 bus into Oakland for my 1pm class, but I just missed it and so did not get into Oakland until the next bus arrived there at 1:30 or so.  My 2pm class didn't meet today because we had keyboard audits!  Fun fun.  I think I aced mine.  The rest of the day went normally: holy hour, confession, Mass, grocery shopping, dinner.  I haven't felt the effects of my sleeplessness at all.
It is now getting quite late, especially considering I have to be up and out by 7:45 tomorrow morning, but I still am not tired.  It is too damn hot in this house.  And I need to finish doing my laundry so I actually have clean clothes to wear to choir camp.  Che palle.  That is a vulgar way of saying "What a drag" in Italian.  Maybe I can sleep in the car tomorrow on the way there.  Or maybe it will be so cold at camp that I will actually be able to sleep there... What a delight that would be...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Some Lists

Here's what I hate:
- when there are smudge marks on the windows of public transportation vehicles from the person/people before you resting their greasy head/s on the window.
- when the teacher leaves bits of chalk marking/dry erase marker while erasing the board.
- when a book I really like gets wet and its pages dry crinkled, never to be the same again.
- when I walk away from a conversation and realize that I talked about myself the entire time.
- head colds

Here's what I love:
- the Eucharist
- singing, especially really high notes
- dancing!
- the circle of fifths
- Africa, especially beautiful, wonderful Ghana

Here is what I secretly hate (but not so secret anymore)
- listening for too long
- green peppers
- answering the phone
- when people are judgmental in either direction
- being expected to socialize/mingle with a large group of people

Here is what I secretly love (but again, not so secret anymore):
- surprising people, especially by saying/doing ridiculous/unexpected things
- lacy underthings
- giving myself pep talks in the morning as I get ready
- twilight (don't judge!  They were highly entertaining.)
- watching exorbitant amounts of online tv

Friday, September 3, 2010

Fine Eyes

Today, after Tango Club, I found myself with two hours to kill before a little choir rehearsal at 9.  I decided to head to one of the numerous cafes on Craig Street to get some food and work on some homework, and I ended up in Camilles, as usual it seems.  The Indian guy working there recognized me from the other day, when I stopped in to buy some exorbitantly expensive orange juice ($4 a cup???? ay).  Once again, he complimented me on my "beautiful eyes," only this time he went on to say that in the three months he's worked there, I'm the only one he's complimented in this way.  We made small talk while he got my food; he asked me about weekend plans, where I was living this year, etc.  Then he asked me if I liked cookies, and when I said yes, he pulled two from the bakery case, "One for each of your eyes."  I was absolutely flabbergasted...  I mean, I've been complimented before, but this was unheard of.  I got free stuff because I have pretty eyes!  I'm not quite sure what to make of this... but I already ate one of the cookies.  White chocolate and macadamia nut.  Mmmm.  That one was for my left eye, I think. ;)